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5/26/2017: Ghostly red shells are expected to arrive on May 30th, so red-shelled Sweet Home is once again available to order!

3/31/2017: While supplies last, cartridge-only Genesis orders will include a lower quality case and insert free!
GenesisDarxide (32X)Genesis
Darxide (32X)
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NOTE: Due to increasing demand and price for 32X donor shells, I'm now primarily offering Darxide in a Genesis form factor, including the case. The game is functionally identical, but in a standard Genesis cartridge shell. This won't allow it to work on a normal Genesis however; you'll still need a 32X to play it. :)
This game was never released in North America on Genesis/32X.
No manual is included, but everything else is in excellent condition! You have the option to purchase cartridge only, or with a universal game case with insert.
The cartridge is guaranteed to work on North American 32X consoles. No known clones exist with 32X support, including the RetroN5.

RetroN5 Compatibility Info

This game was tested on the RetroN5 using application software version 2.4, and as of that version, was not working. If a newer version of the software is available, please check back for updates!


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