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5/26/2017: Ghostly red shells are expected to arrive on May 30th, so red-shelled Sweet Home is once again available to order!

3/31/2017: While supplies last, cartridge-only Genesis orders will include a lower quality case and insert free!
NESGetsu Fuuma DenNES
Getsu Fuuma Den
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UPDATE: The normal version of this game is currently indefinitely out of stock due to a likely permanent parts shortage. However, I'm now offering a "special" version, which uses a donor part from a Japanese cartridge instead. Due to the additional cost and difficulty of this process, the price of this special version is $100, including a BitBox case with insert. Please note that the donor cartridges have to be imported most of the time, so this also increases the shipping time to roughly 2 weeks.

I eventually intend to replace this part with one of my own design, but that will take quite a while.

This game was never released to retail outside of Japan, but has been fully translated into English.

No manual is included, but everything else is in excellent condition! You have the option to purchase cartridge only, or with a custom BitBox NES case with insert.

The cartridge is guaranteed to work on North American NES consoles, both front and top loading. Should work on NES clones, but not guaranteed.

This game was featured in the Repro Theatre #ProjectV Special, which you can watch right here!

RetroN5 Compatibility Info

This game has not yet been tested on the RetroN5; check back in a bit!


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