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5/26/2017: Ghostly red shells are expected to arrive on May 30th, so red-shelled Sweet Home is once again available to order!

3/31/2017: While supplies last, cartridge-only Genesis orders will include a lower quality case and insert free!
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Star Fox 2
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The sequel to the smash hit Super FX game that heartbreakingly never saw a proper release.

I'm currently offering the game in a Super Nintendo or Super Famicom shell, the latter being a cheaper option! It's very easy to modify an American SNES to play Super Famicom games.

You have the option to purchase the cartridge with or without a universal game case with insert, or complete with a full color 14-page manual!
The cartridge is guaranteed to work on North American SNES consoles. Should work on SNES clones, but not guaranteed.

This game was featured on Repro Theatre #014, which you can watch right here!

RetroN5 Compatibility Info

This game has not yet been tested on the RetroN5; check back in a bit!


10 out of 10 by mecharichter on April 28th, 2014
I played this a little bit on emulator but didn't give it much of a chance. It's a much different experience getting to play it on console though. I thought it was a bit short when I played on normal, but after playing on expert, I realized there's more missions, thus giving more to the gameplay. I highly recommend it! It's really fun it's a great item for any game collection!
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