Retro Gamer Ryan
7/10/2017: Effective immediately, and until further notice, all reproduction cartridges have been removed from the site.

5/30/2017: Transparent Red and Shiny Gold NES Shells are now available!
About Retro Gamer Ryan

Hi there! I'm Ryan, and I'm a retro gamer. I'm a programmer by trade, specializing in web and mobile apps, but one of my biggest passions is gaming, and I love playing around with old game prototypes and fan translations of games that never saw release (in the US, at least). Part of the purpose of this site is to allow me to share that passion with you, by allowing you to play these games on their original hardware as intended, for the ultimate retro revival experience!

When I'm not programming or working on reproductions, I also like to play games (imagine that), and I stream most of my gameplay on Twitch; stop by and chat with me while I make a fool of myself!

I'm also an avid speedrun fan, though I don't run anything myself, and I like to support GDQs and other marathons when I can with prize submissions.

I'm pretty active on Twitter, and a bit less so on Facebook.

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