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4/28/2017: I'm back, all outstanding orders have shipped, and we're back on our normal 1-2 day shipping schedule!

3/31/2017: While supplies last, cartridge-only Genesis orders will include a lower quality case and insert free!
I accept trade-ins on most games and systems in exchange for store credit, though the amount offered in credit depends on the rarity and usefulness of the game:
  • NES games are typically worth anywhere from $1 to $5, with certain games fetching up to $10
  • SNES games are typically worth between $1 and $5
  • Genesis games are typically worth between $1 and $5
On SNES and Genesis, the vast majority of reproductions can be made using super cheap and common sports games; NES games are much more particular about board compatibility, and as such, certain types of game will be worth more to me in general. Always be sure to check with me!

Are you ready to offer up a trade? If so, head on over to the trade-in offer page to submit your offer!

The Trade-In Request List

Though I typically accept trade-ins on just about any game, accessory or system, the ones that are worth the most are the ones I can use as donors for reproduction cartridges, obviously. This list contains examples of such games, though many others exist.

This list will be updated periodically if a certain game is required to complete an order, or if there's just a game I'd like for my personal collection. In these cases, the value listed next to the game will only be offered to the first person to trade in that game.
  • NES:

    None currently

  • SNES:
    • Star Ocean ($20.00) - Japanese (Super Famicom) version. As in, the only one that exists.
    • Stunt Race FX ($5.00)
  • Genesis:

    None currently

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