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7/10/2017: Effective immediately, and until further notice, all reproduction cartridges have been removed from the site.

5/30/2017: Transparent Red and Shiny Gold NES Shells are now available!
Frequently Asked Questions


What are reproduction cartridges?

Many games went unreleased in different regions of the world for different reasons. Some have, throughout the past few years, been translated into English by fans. Others have turned up in prototype form with official localizations. A reproduction cartridge is a cartridge containing one of these previously unavailable games.

Why should I buy a reproduction cartridge when I can just play games on an emulator?

If you just want to play the game, and have no qualms about sitting in front of a computer to do so, that's just fine.

For me, though, it's about that tangible experience of holding the cartridge in my hands, putting it in the console, and playing right there on the TV just like I did when I was a kid. I don't get that nostalgic feeling when I click File, and Open, and then click through a series of folders to get to my game, and there are plenty of others like me out there who feel the same way.

But if I want to play on console, I could just get a flash cartridge.

Of course you could; there are flash cartridges available for most old systems which allow you to store all the games you could ever want to play on an SD card, and load them that way.

But when I turn on my Super NES, for example, I don't want to be greeted by a series of menus I have to navigate to get to my game. The first thing I want to see is a title screen, and then I want to get into the action.

There's also something really satisfying about having a physical cartridge for each game, lining them up on a shelf, and being able to just grab the one I want to play. Just like with playing on emulator, flash cartridges don't rekindle those fond memories of my childhood.

Do I need a modded console to play them?

Nope! Any special lockout chips normally present in a cartridge will also be present in a reproduction cartridge, so just plug it in and go!

How do I know the game will work on my system?

Every single cartridge I make is tested to ensure compatibility with its native console. In addition, limited testing is performed on clones; however, since every clone is different, I can't guarantee every cartridge will work on every clone console.

What about the save battery?

Prior to October 2014, I tested every donor board's battery and only replaced the ones that were showing signs of weakening current. However, for all future cartridges, the battery will be replaced with a removable battery clip, and a fresh name-brand battery will be installed. So fear not, for your saves will last for decades to come!


Is my credit card info secure?

All transactions are handled through Paypal, which keeps your card info secure.

What if I can't use Paypal?

Unfortunately, Paypal is still not available in some countries. If you're from one of those countries, or are otherwise unable to use Paypal, feel free to contact me to see if we can work something out.

I also make a smaller selection of games available on my Etsy store; if you're able to use credit cards directly through Etsy, feel free to request the game you want, and I'll gladly make it available there if it isn't already.


What are your shipping rates?

You can always find the latest info on shipping rates on the shipping rates page.

In a nutshell, though, shipping in the US is free, and international shipping starts at $10.


What's your return policy?

In general, returns on defective products are allowed for 30 days after purchase (45 for international orders, to compensate for shipping times). If you need to return a product, contact me in order to confirm the nature of the defect, and a replacement cartridge will be shipped along with a prepaid mailer to return the defective cartridge.

What's your privacy policy?

I only keep track of the data I need to fulfill orders, and no more. And what data I do have will not be shared with any third party for any reason. Period.

The latest version of all policies is available on the policies page.

Trade-ins & Store Credit

What's store credit and how do I get it?

Store credit is a system by which you can get "free" games! The main way to get credit is through trade-ins. When you submit a trade-in offer, I assign a value to that trade-in; once the trade-in has been received and verified, the credit will be added to your account immediately!

In some cases, you'll also be able to earn store credit simply by purchasing games; in these cases, you'll automatically earn an amount per dollar spent, which will appear in your account right away, and which can be used on your next order (or any other future order).

All right, how do I use credit?

When you have store credit available, you'll see a place in the shopping cart where you can apply as much credit as you like to the order (up to your current credit balance). Just type in the amount of credit you want to apply, and click the Apply button to do it.

You can always check on your available credit balance by visiting your user profile (just click your username up in the corner).

What if I have more credit than my order total?

No problem! If you have enough credit to cover the entire cost of your order, you can apply the full amount and get your order free! Note that you can't apply more credit than that; if you try, you'll just keep the remainder of your credit balance.

Also note that credit can't be applied to shipping on international orders.

Game-Specific Questions

Mr. Gimmick! (Full Audio): How does it work?

The full audio Mr. Gimmick! cartridge contains extra hardware that the game uses to create richer music beyond the talents of even Sunsoft's expert composers. This hardware has roughly the same capabilities as the on-board audio hardware of the NES, with subtle differences that aren't important. Of all the capabilities provided by the audio chip, Mr. Gimmick! only uses the additional square waves, resulting in something that still sounds like the NES, but with added polyphony.

In order to take advantage of the cartridge's additional audio channels, a modification must be performed on the NES itself. This modification bridges two normally unused pins on the expansion connector on the bottom of the front-loading NES. The full audio Mr. Gimmick! cartridge then outputs its audio to an equivalent pin on the cartridge connector, and its audio output is able to make its way out to your speakers.

If the modification is not done, the cartridge will still work just fine, but those additional audio channels will be absent, resulting in a somewhat empty-feeling soundtrack. The "standard" version of the game that I offer has music that has been reorchestrated to sound better without these extra channels.

Please note that due to the risk of damage to your NES, as well as injury to yourself, I won't be providing instructions on how to perform the modification. They're freely available from many sources, but if you perform the modification yourself, you do so at your own risk. I do provide the modification as an additional service for $40 including return shipping within the US; feel free to contact me for details.

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