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7/27/2016: I've added "special" versions of all of the #ProjectV games. These are priced higher at $100 due to increased cost of parts and more complicated process, and will generally ship within about 2 weeks of ordering.

7/10/2016: NES shells are currently in production! Pre-orders have already begun; the shells should start shipping on or around July 25th! Check them out here!

Welcome! Be sure to check out the FAQ if you have any questions.

Standard prices include shipping within the US, and are as follows:
  • NES - $45-55
  • Super NES - $60-65
  • Genesis - $45-60
Please note that any games that require special handling (custom chips, unusual memory mapping, etc.) will be higher, and some games may not be possible at all (e.g. certain mapper hacks that aren't publicly available, or games that require heavy PCB modification).
I'm also accepting trade-ins for credit toward future orders; check out the trade-ins page for more info.
Are you looking for a game that you don't see here? You can always contact me for special orders and inquiries.

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I have a number of NES, SNES and Genesis reproduction cartridges available. If there's anything you're looking for that you don't see listed here, contact me!
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