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7/10/2017: Effective immediately, and until further notice, all reproduction cartridges have been removed from the site.

5/30/2017: Transparent Red and Shiny Gold NES Shells are now available!

Return Policy

For products deemed defective, returns can be made within 30 days of purchase (45 for international orders, to compensate for longer shipping times). If you need to return a product, contact me in order to confirm the nature of the defect, and a replacement cartridge will be shipped along with a prepaid mailer to return the defective cartridge.

Please note that I do not guarantee my products to work on clone systems (such as RetroDuo, SupaBoy, FC Twin, FC Mobile, etc), since compatibility can be spotty depending on the clone console. I only guarantee my products to work on original NES, SNES and Genesis hardware.

In addition, this replacement warranty does not cover the NES "blinking light" problem, as that is a symptom of a worn-out cartridge connector, and not an issue with the cartridge itself.

Privacy Policy

The only data I collect from you is what I need to fulfill orders, namely a billing and shipping address, and order transaction IDs for verification of payment. Your information will neither be sold nor given to any third party for any reason.

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