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7/10/2017: Effective immediately, and until further notice, all reproduction cartridges have been removed from the site.

5/30/2017: Transparent Red and Shiny Gold NES Shells are now available!
NESNES Cartridge Shells (Transparent Red)NES
NES Cartridge Shells (Transparent Red)
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This game is currently out of stock. Please check back later!

In Stock and Ready to Ship!

These shells are brand new, produced and offered exclusively through Retro Gamer Ryan. They match the dimensions of original shells perfectly, and are nearly indistinguishable in shape from original shells! All PCBs I use (as well as a number of others, first- and third-party) have been tested and fit beautifully. Each shell comes complete with screws (Philips head for now), so you'll have everything you need to complete your latest project!

All prices include shipping within the US. For now, I'll only be accepting orders within the US, until I figure out international shipping rates.

Buy in bulk to save! Quantities up to 250 are available directly through the site; if you need a larger quantity, feel free to contact me!

Many other colors are in the works! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook to keep up to date on the latest news!

RetroN5 Compatibility Info

This game has not yet been tested on the RetroN5; check back in a bit!


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